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iTerm2 ShellCheck wiki links

iTerm2 How I Work Linting Shell Scripting

I have Vim configured with ALE and ShellCheck for linting shell scripts. Sometimes I want to go to the wiki page for a particular issue. I made a Trigger in iTerm2 that will do this.

Go to iTerm2 > Preferences > Profiles > Your profile > Advanced and click Edit under “Triggers”

add trigger

Make the regex SC[0-9].{3}, the action Make Hyperlink…, and the parameter https://shellcheck.net/wiki/\0

Since I have mouse reporting on in iTerm and Vim, I can’t just ⌘ + click like I can outside of vim, but I can ⌘ + ALT + click and get a link to the wiki page for the ShellCheck issue in my browser!

clickable link in place